Call for Papers: JUG Saxony Camp 2019

Das 3. JUG Saxony Camp - die IT-Konferenz für Studierende - findet in diesem Jahr am 29. März im Institutsgebäude für Wirtschaftsinformatik der Universität Leipzig statt. Am Vormittag werden wieder 3 spannende Workshops stattfinden. Am Nachmittag können sich Studierende bei unseren Ausstellern über Karrieremöglichkeiten informieren und das Vortragsprogramm besuchen. Das Camp wird veranstaltet vom Institut für Wirtschaftsinformatik, Professur für Wirtschaftsinformatik, insbes. Softwareentwicklung für Wirtschaft und Verwaltung der Universität Leipzig und dem JUG Saxony e. V..

Einreichungsschluss: 10. März 2019

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Call for Paper für den Workshop „Software Qualität ist wie Schönheit“ -- „Software Quality is like Beauty“

Der Workshop findet im Rahmen der FedCSIS Multi-Konferenz vom 1.-4. September 2019 in Leipzig statt.

Federated Conference on Computer Science and Information Systems

01.-04. September 2019, Leipzig

The mission of the FedCSIS Conference Series is to provide a highly acclaimed multi-conference forum in computer science and information systems. The forum invites researchers from around the world to contribute their research results and participate in Events focused on their scientific and professional interests in computer science and information systems.

The FedCSIS multi-conference consists of a significant number of recurring Events and it welcomes proposals for new Events (conferences, symposia, workshops, special sessions). Each Event may run over any span of time within the conference dates (from half-day to three days). Since 2012, Proceedings of the FedCSIS conference are indexed in the Web of Science and other indexing services.

Events confirmed to take place during the FedCSIS 2018 conference are listed below. These events are grouped into FedCSIS conference areas, of various degree of integration. Specifically, those listed in italics and without indication of the year 2018 signify "abstract areas" with no direct paper submissions (i.e. paper submissions only within enclosed events). DS-RAIT is a Doctoral Consortium for all FedCSIS areas.

  • AAIA'19 - 14th International Symposium Advances in Artificial Intelligence and Applications
    • AIMA'19 - 9th International Workshop on Artificial Intelligence in Medical Applications
    • AIRLangComp'19 - 4th International Workshop on AI aspects in Reasoning, Languages, and Computation
    • ASIR'19 - 9th International Workshop on Advances in Semantic Information Retrieval
    • SEN-MAS'19 - 7th International Workshop on Smart Energy Networks & Multi-Agent Systems
    • WCO'19 - 12th International Workshop on Computational Optimization
  • CSS - Computer Science & Systems
    • 4A'19 - 1st Workshop on Computer Aspects of Numerical Algorithms
    • BEDA'19 - 2nd International Workshop on Biomedical & Health Engineering and Data Analysis
    • CANA'19 - 12th Workshop on Computer Aspects of Numerical Algorithms
    • C&SS'19 - 6th  International Conference on Cryptography and Security Systems
    • LTA'19 - 4th International Workshop on Language Technologies and Applications
    • MMAP'19 - 12th International Symposium on Multimedia Applications and Processing
    • WAPL'19 - 7th Workshop on Advances in Programming Languages
    • WSC'19 - 10th Workshop on Scalable Computing
  • ​iNetSApp - International Conference on Innovative Network Systems and Applications
    • INSERT'19 - 3rd International Conference on Security, Privacy, and Trust
    • IoT-ECAW'19 - 3rd Workshop on Internet of Things - Enablers, Challenges and Applications
  • IT4MBS - Information Technology for Management, Business & Society
    • AITM'19 - 16th Conference on Advanced Information Technologies for Management
    • DSH'19 - 1st Special Session on Data Science in Health
    • InC2Eco'19 - 1st International Workshop on Cross-Domain Data Analysis and Computation for Digital Ecosystems
    • ISM'19 - 14th Conference on Information Systems Management
    • KAM'19 - 25th Conference on Knowledge Acquisition and Management
  • SSD&A - Software Systems Development & Applications
    • LASD'19 - 3rd International Conference on Lean and Agile Software Development
    • MIDI'19 - 7th Conference on Multimedia, Interaction, Design and Innovation
    • SEW-39 & IWCPS-6 - Joint 39th IEEE Software Engineering Workshop (SEW-39) and 6th International Workshop on Cyber-Physical Systems (IWCPS-6)
    • SWsec'19 - 1st Workshop: Software Quality is like beauty - Visualize software quality
  • DS-RAIT'19 - 6th Doctoral Symposium on Recent Advances in Information Technology

Paper submission (sharp / no extension): May 14, 2019
Position paper submission: June 4, 2019
Author notification: June 25, 2019

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